A Line Chiropractic - "Get your spine in A Line!"
Dr. Dave:

"Dr. David Agueda has helped me achieve my athletic goals over the past few years being pain and injury free. Whether you are a serious athlete or just need to get through your daily activities, I would recommend him."
Julie O.

"After a long and difficult delivery in the birth of our son, I was so thankful to have Dr. Dave on hand at the hospital to give my baby his first chiropractic treatment. The birth process can be tough on babies with the doctor pulling and twisting their heads. The babies scream and cry and people think that is just them being babies but most of the time it is because they are in pain. This was the case with my son but after Dr. Dave massaged his neck with gentle and caring chiropractic techniques, my son stopped crying and went to sleep. The baby in the next room cried non stop for the next two days while my son slept peacefully the whole time besides waking up to eat. I felt bad for the parents next door, if only they knew the benefits of infant chiropractic!"
Sadie A.

"The only thing worse than the pain from low back, shoulder or neck problems is not being able to bring relief to that pain. Sadly, ibuprofen was becoming a staple in my diet. With Dr. Dave's help, I am back to playing racquetball and finally getting some normalcy in my life. No more ibuprofen needed!" 
Randy F.

"I was in a car accident a few years ago and suffered muscle spasms and pain with only prescribed medication to alleviate. My medical doctor gave me muscle relaxers, pain relievers, and anti inflammatory. Unfortunately, for years I had to continue on medication because my doctor never recommended that I go to a massage therapist or a chiropractor. Thankfully a friend of mine told me about Dr. Dave! Since getting his chiropractic treatment (he combined adjustments, massage, and ultrasound therapy for me) I am drug free and pain free. Dr. Dave is THE BEST in the business and I recommend him to anyone and everyone I meet.
Marie W.

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